So unknown,
You’re too immense, so immeasurable, uncertain.
Why do you call me now from your familiar hole?

You rumble in the shadows shaking the dust beneath me,
So powerful, so imminent, you cannot be ignored.
Just one glance upon you and I become salt.

I don’t want to know you, but I know I have known you.

I will respect you, neglect you, reject you and befriend you.
I would place my hand upon you and lift your lid,
But my scorched hands have touched you before.

Seeping through the lids of my eyes you are contained.
If you will only stay there, I can go.
And when I go, why are you still here?

I can only know you by what I do not know.

I know we have danced before.
Will you show yourself from the words I spoke?
Can you be heard through the music, the song, or just one note?

Erupt you darkness through heaven’s surprise.
The unveiling gift wails deep the cry that has no sound,
Loneliness so rich it demands but One touch.

I know you now from what I did not know.

About the Author:
Dennis is the Senior Pastor for Hope Christian Church in Fairfield, CA.  The poem is inspired by the process he is going through,  accepting that his mom's latest battle with cancer may be her last.
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