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Pour me a Drink

"Pour me a drink, and make it strong, it's been a hell of a day, and too damn long".

Do you ever feel that way?  I know I do sometimes.  When you take into account all the mess we deal with day in and day out, is it any wonder we need a large tumbler of an adult beverage at the end of the day?

Be happy, don't worry.  Yea, right.  My friends are losing their jobs faster than Obama's losing his teleprompter.

Yesterday a friend lost his job by email.  Here is a guy who was a pharmaceutical sales rep for his company for 5 years and doing well.  He woke up one morning, checked his email, and there it was.  His company was downsizing.  No phone calls, no face to face meeting, just an email. 

Another friend received a phone call from his boss who asked to meet him at our local airport.  When my friend got there, he was told he no longer had a job, due to economic times and such.  Right then and there, his boss asked for his Blackberry, his credit cards, and his car – the car that he drove to the meeting with!  He had to call me to come get him.  I guess he used his boss’s phone to place the call.

Is it any wonder that alcohol sales are up and the bar business is thriving?  Another business that is doing well is the movie business.  People need relief.  I think we need to combine the bar business and the movie business and start having joint ventures.

I can see it now, theme night at the local pub.  Steve Martin movies all night long, and the drink special would be martinis.  Advertise it as," Martin and Martini Night." 

Another night could be “Gin & Tonic night”, showing Jen-ni-fer Aniston movies.  Or how about  "Something About Mary", serving Bloody Marys?  Or maybe have a night showing all of Harvey Keitel movies, and serve Harvey Wall-bangers.  You get the picture.

In this time of uncertainty and confusion, maybe we should all go out and have a few laughs, throw a few drinks back, and enjoy each other’s company.  We all seem to have more time on our hands now.  Let’s not kid ourselves, we all need to be concerned about the economy and our jobs.  I'm as nervous as a whore in church about my job.

We are all in this mess together.  But let’s try not to get too down.  Go out and have some laughs.  Treat yourself to something.  You deserve it.

About the Author:
Eddy is an entrepreneur who lives with his wife and two grown children in the Southeast.  Look for him to capitalize on his bar and movie idea any day now.
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