A guy was born into this world.  In his childhood, he had no idea what he was doing.  He was clumsy around the other kids, and deemed as such by his peers and babysitters.

Not that his peers at his young age were capable of such a judgment, but they were tired of getting their milk spilled, and so they protested much.  The babysitters all agreed that this was one clumsy child!

He became an adolescent, but remained a nuisance to his peers.  For the truth was, he wanted to be a comedian, and his peers were strictly annoyed with his antics.  His teachers in his school deemed him a nuisance, and he became quite shy.

In high school, it didn't get any better.  He continued to try the comedic approach, yet could find no welcome among his peers. His shyness multiplied, and he became a hermit of sorts.  He secreted himself away into the study of the physical sciences, he developed new heroes, men with the letters PhD after their names.

He never lost his love for humor, and he tried even harder to be a comedian.  Yet, no one was laughing with him!  He examined in his own mind the things he thought to be funny, and then he had an epiphany.

He suddenly realized that the joy he felt at the most absurd happenings, the things that made him laugh the most, were things between his own Creator and himself!   He could make no one else laugh with the joy that he himself felt on the inside, because he had been gifted with a particular perspective for the absurd.

It became quite clear to him that his comprehension of things which he deemed comedic might not be funny at all to his peers.  Again, his shyness multiplied.

He began to be silent, not speaking at all, even when invited to speak by his peers.  No, he began to believe that silence was the best policy.  He rarely spoke to anyone.  Yet, he continued on his own personal course of discovery and learning, studying physics, chemistry, mathematics, and honing his skills in the English language.  He became a scientist in the truest sense of the word, although he never obtained a degree.

He observed everything.  He observed the world from an overt perspective, and he observed the world from within himself, ever seeking the truth, ever hoping to be right about any element that concerned him.

One day while considering the absurdity of his own being, he paused and let out a belly laugh!  He swiped at the heavens in a gesture of giving a high-five to his own God, his own Creator, and relished in the joy of the absurdity of his own being!

He was happy at last, he fought no more, he had come to a self-realization which was nothing other than a revelation from God.  He had a purpose, not of his own will, but his purpose was to be what God would have him be.  God was the captain of his ship.  He stopped resisting Divine Providence, and became willing to be whatever God would have him be.

I hear tell that after that revelation, he began walking out west of Pecos, Texas.  I hear tell that he was just walking westward.

If any of you should happen to be out that way, and should encounter him, please be kind to him.  Give him a bottle of water, and maybe a kind word.  That dude has already graduated!

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