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Some have asked, “What is the Daily Harangue?”  In a phrase, the Daily Harangue is the embodiment of life. 

There are stories here that stretch the imagination and stir the soul.  Stories that make us laugh and cry.  Stories that harken to the past and stories that look to the future.  And stories that make us think.

In addition to the power of the written word, the beauty of the visual world is represented in the art pages and in various original photographs and drawings peppered throughout the site.

Life would be incomplete without music, so we have included a sample of favorite videos and music articles.  Aural stimulation, indeed.

Finally, we live in a community of events.  News, weather, and sports information keeps us informed while we navigate the day and plan ahead.

We hope you enjoy the Daily Harangue.  If you have a comment or would like to contribute that "story you have always wanted to write," please:

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